Why Your Email List Could Be Costing You More Than Money

Today I received a great-looking email newsletter from a restaurant promoting Mother’s Day specials.  It was so good looking that I clicked through to the website to learn more. I knew that this restaurant was located in Orland Park, but I thought that they had closed down this location. I took a look at their locations page and I was correct.  Making it even worse was the fact that they don’t even have locations in my state now. So here’s another example of why you can send creative, compelling advertising, but if it goes to the wrong audience, it is useless. I wonder how many

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Social Media Marketing Strategy:Red Dress Theory

  Imagine if you had one red dress and you planned on wearing that to a wedding, a funeral, a job interview, a picnic and the beach. Would the red dress be appropriate for every single event? No!   Customers do this kind of thing all the time with social media. They will post the exact same post across social mediaeven though the audiences are different. We recommend that you know the audience, which will drive the kind of content you create or post and will dictate when you post.   Then plan for engagement. If you post at 5pm and then go dark what

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Is Your Website Google Mobile Friendly?

Even if your site has the best design and the most interesting content, if it’s not displaying correctly on mobile devices—you may just be swimming upstream. More and more people prefer to use their mobile devices rather than desktops to search and purchase products and services online. If you want to stay at the front of your customers minds and in the search rankings make sure that your website is optimized for mobile. Businesses will need to keep up with the changes that Google has made to index rankings.These changes are just too important to be ignored. Essentially, when a user does a search on

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