Why Your Email List Could Be Costing You More Than Money

Today I received a great-looking email newsletter from a restaurant promoting Mother’s Day specials.  It was so good looking that I clicked through to the website to learn more.

I knew that this restaurant was located in Orland Park, but I thought that they had closed down this location.

I took a look at their locations page and I was correct.  Making it even worse was the fact that they don’t even have locations in my state now.

So here’s another example of why you can send creative, compelling advertising, but if it goes to the wrong audience, it is useless. I wonder how many other subscribers are receiving this message from a list they may have signed up for years ago.

Here are some best practices for email marketing:

  1. In real estate it’sLocation, Location, Location—well in email campaigns it is List, List, List – manage your customer list.  Here are a few “to do’s” with your email list.
    • a. Be sure you list is current and compliant.  By compliant, I am talking about using an opt-in email system where consumers are interested and have given permission for you to send them information.
    • b. Check your open ratios and unsubscribes.
    • c. Review bounces and correct the data. We want our messages to be received well by our intended audience.  If you have not been pruning your list, you could send messages to consumers for whom it doesn’t apply and worse you could be spending more money on your email campaigns because many services charge based on active emails in the system.
  2. Send relevant and eye-catching information with a call to action. Examples are: BOOK Today, Register for Classes Now, or Reserve Your Space.
  3. Don’t forget to track the metrics. Every campaign should start with the question, “What value is our customer going to get from this email?”  followed by “What value will my company receive when my audience interacts with the newsletter?”   Always be customer-centric,and you’ll reap the rewards of customer loyalty and good will, which can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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