Social Media Marketing Strategy:Red Dress Theory


Imagine if you had one red dress and you planned on wearing that to a wedding, a funeral, a job interview, a picnic and the beach. Would the red dress be appropriate for every single event? No!


Customers do this kind of thing all the time with social media. They will post the exact same post across social mediaeven though the audiences are different. We recommend that you know the audience, which will drive the kind of content you create or post and will dictate when you post.


Then plan for engagement. If you post at 5pm and then go dark what happens when you get comments or your phone rings? To have a conversation with your audience you need to think about what content they value. Do they want to be informed, entertained or educated?


Find the need and fill it. Be a value and don’t use cookie cutter marketing tactics if you want to stand out.

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