Why Choose Us

In The Know: With so many people in our network we can definitely get you pointed in the right direction.

No Nonsense: The answer is not always yes when you work with The Inertia Group. You get the answers your company needs.

Established: The Inertia Group has just celebrated being in business for 24 years! When most companies struggled we continued to grow our customer base.

Real World Ideas: Not just theory! The Inertia Group will provide solutions to fit your budget and timeline for growth.

Timeline Production: Whether it’s website design, logo development or a marketing campaign, The Inertia Group will stay focused on the task.

Integration of Message: Making sure that your website, collateral materials and other communication efforts all convey the message to your potential customers.

Availability: Ever become frustrated when your calls or e-mail are not answered? Not at The Inertia Group. You’ll receive follow up calls and e-mail promptly.